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Fedor Rozhanskiy: "Challenges for the researcher describing a moribund language"

Fedor Rozhanskiy, a candidate for the position of associate professor of Finno-Ugric languages will give a lecture on "Challenges for the researcher describing a moribund language" on February 10 at 14:00. Everyone is welcome to the lecture at Jakobi 2-428 or on Zoom.

Fedor Rozhanskiy has worked as an Associate Professor of Finno-Ugric Languages at the University of Tartu since January 2021. In the late 1980s and 1990s he worked mainly with West African languages (first of all Songhay). Since 2000, he has researched Finno-Ugric languages. His research is focused on description and documentation of Votic and Ingrian, and on some particular topics in other languages of this group (e.g. in Mari and Komi). His research interests include morphophonology, experimental phonetics, morphology, syntax, intragenetic typology, theory and typology of reduplication, ideophones, language contact, borrowings, language variation, endangered languages, and field linguistics.

The election will be held in March 2023.


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