Grant Office

Raekoja plats 9, III korrus
51004 Tartu linn,
Tartu linn, Tartumaa
+372 737 6215
Siret Rutiku
Head of Grant Office
PhD (German Language and Literature)
+372 5342 0639 (3420)
Raekoja plats 9-301
Dmitry Denisov
Legal Counsel for Research and Development
mag. iur.
+372 737 6194
Raekoja plats 9-302
Vallo Mulk
Senior Specialist of International R&D Cooperation
MSc (Natural Resources Management)
participation in EU research and innovation partnerships (KIC, FET, JPI, JTI, cPPP, Cofund) and collaborative initiatives of international research organisations and research infrastructures (ESFRI)
+372 737 6189
+372 5695 0955
Raekoja plats 9-302
Asko Ausmees
Legal Counsel for Business Relation
MA (Law)
+372 5199 0286 (3286)
Tene Viiburg
Tene Viiburg
Head of Cooperation Processes
MA (English Language and Literature)
+372 514 1421
Kaire Kallak
Secretary-Information Specialist
secretary of the Research Ethics Committee
+372 737 6215
Raekoja plats 9–316
Karin Org
Analyst of Research and Development
statistics and analysis of research and development activities, incl. basic data for baseline funding and R&D evaluation
+372 737 6525
Raekoja plats 9-305a
Kalmer Lauk
Analyst of Research and Development
statistics and analysis of research and development activities, confirming ETIS publications and coordination of funding for research collections, research funding database Research Professional
+372 737 6532
Raekoja plats 9-305a
Hector Pagan
Hector Charles Pagan
Head of Project Writing Team 0.5 p
+372 737 6582

Supervision competences:

  • Public/ NGO Management
  • Third Sector (theories/practice)
  • Civil Society
Gea Kiisk
Assistant 0.2 p
+372 737 6593
Raekoja plats 9–308
Kadi Teras
Foreign Funds Coordinator
Projects of the European Commission in the field of research, EIT Health, EIT Urban Mobility, EIC, EIE, CEF, LIFE, Euroopa Horisont, NordForsk
+372 737 6273
Raekoja plats 9–305
Eleri Pihlapuu
Foreign Funds Coordinator
MA (History)
EEA and Norway grants, Interreg, US funding, incl. NIH, and similar international research contracts
+372 737 6390
Raekoja plats 9–305
Anne Tenno
Structural Funds Coordinator
Centres of excellence; RITA, Mobilitas Plus top researcher grant, postdoctoral researcher grant, returning researcher grant; postdoctoral grant of personal research funding
+372 737 5617
Raekoja plats 9–306
Berit Niin
National Funds Coordinator
research grants, incl. s, start-up grants and search grants of personal research funding; Mobilitas Plus training courses and study visits for researchers, MOBERC grants, ERA NET, Fenno-Ugria
+372 737 5614
Raekoja plats 9–304a
Kadri Põldsaar
National Funds Coordinator
Senior administrator of the Estonian Research Information System (ETIS) at the university, research grants, incl. the environment programme of the Environmental Investment Centre (KIK), national programme “Estonian language and cultural memory” (EKKM), national programme for Estonian Language Technology (EKT), national programme “Support for Estonian-language Terminology”, conference support, higher education textbooks
+372 737 6192
Raekoja plats 9–304a
Jaak Kask
Structural Funds Coordinator
institutional development programme ASTRA, supporting infrastructure of national importance based on the roadmap
+372 737 5608
Raekoja plats 9-306
Inga Varamäe-Tamm
National Funds Coordinatorator
research and education services, including procurement tenders and quotations and PRIA grants (European Maritime and Fisheries Fund)
+372 737 5616
Raekoja plats 9-306
Iige Maalmann
Structural Funds Coordinator
University of Tartu ASTRA project PER ASPERA: submitting payment applications and coordinating replies to queries, research and educational measure of the Just Transition Fund). National funding: service projects, support projects in the field of education
+372 737 6195
Raekoja plats 9–304a
Laura Tomson
Foreign Funds Coordinator
Horizon Europe; Horizon 2020 ERC, MSCA; EIT Manufacturing; CELSA, EFSA, CERN
+372 737 6193
Raekoja plats 9–305
Oliivika Zeiger
Foreign Funds Coordinator 0.5 p
Horizon Europe; Projects of the European Commission in the field of research, Nordplus
+372 5345 6349
+372 737 5619
Raekoja plats 9–305
Annela Oona
Structural Funds Coordinator
Dora Plus, higher education specialisation scholarships in smart specialisation growth areas, specialisation stipends for teacher training curricula
+372 737 6539
Raekoja plats 9-304a