SAALS-5 program

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Unless otherwise noted, all events take place in the main building of the University of Tartu, located at Ülikooli 18.

Slides from some of the talks can be downloaded here.

Wednesday, 21 September

20:00 informal pre-conference gathering, Pühaste Kelder, Rüütli 11

Thursday, 22 September

8:30 registration desk opens (across from room 139)
  Session 1 (room 139 - zoom link)
9:00 Welcome
9:15 Keynote: Maria Polinsky Structural parallels between endangered and heritage languages 
10:15 coffee break (room 140)
  Session 2 (room 139 - zoom link)
10:45 Anika Lloyd-Smith and Tanja Kupisch Can policies change language use? A study of North Sámi in Sweden and Norway
11:15 Taarna Valtonen Municipalities and the Saami languages: Experiences of language policy and planning in the Saami Homeland region (Finland) in the 2020s
11:45 Minerva Piha Language politics in Saami archaeological research: case study from two archaeological journals
12:15 lunch (on your own)
  Session 3 (room 139 - zoom link)
13:45 Yair Sapir Sweden’s Sami languages – vitality and revitalization
14:15 David Kroik Becoming a speaker and linguistic role model of South Saami – A narrative approach
14:45 Marjatta Jomppanen Mo nuortalašgiela universitehta oahpahusa álggahus lea váikkuhan studeanttaide ja giellaservošii - live translation here
15:15 coffee break (room 140)
  Session 4 (room 139 - zoom link)
15:45 Michael Rießler Partitive case in Kildin Saami
16:15 Ilona Kivinen An attempt to describe the adjective marking system in North Saami
16:45 Hanna Danbolt Ajer Word-order variation within the Lule Sami PP
18:30 dinner, Vilde ja Vine, Vallikraavi 4 NB: register your choice of meal here before 10:30 on Thursday! (you have to first enter your email, then you will receive a link to open the menu to choose from)

Friday, 23 September

  Session 5 (room 139 - zoom link)
9:00 Torbjörn Söder Almatja-waimo ‘The human heart’: a text written in ‘sydlapska bokspråket’
9:30 Jack Rueter Skolt Saami Finite-State Description and Where it is Heading
10:00 Marko Jouste, Markus Juutinen and Eino Koponen The idiolect of Näskk Moshnikoff's Skolt Saami leuʹdd language (online)
10:30 coffee break (room 140)
  Session 6a (room 139 - zoom link) Session 6b (room 232 - zoom link)
11:00 Tuomas Koukkari A new synchronic view on gradation and quantitative alternation in Inari Saami Roman Gaidamashko, Nargis Chalolova, Nikita Ageev, Anna Maksimenko, Alexandr Yakovlev, Nina Mironova and Marina Lyublinskaya Manuscript Ter Saami dictionary (1899–1902) (online)
11:30 Jukka Mettovaara New developments in Aanaar Saami morphophonology Bettina Szalóczy The earliest written record in Saami: Stephen Borrough’s glossary (online)

Marja-Liisa Olthuis Writing Inari Saami Sci-Fi

Petter Morottaja Frekventativliih já kontinuativliih verbâsuorgiittâsah anarâškielâ sárnumkielâ korpusist

Ivett Kelemen Report on the transformation of the Lappish spelling after Hungarian. The Saami theologist, Anders Porsanger’s letter about the Hungarian orthography (online)
12:30 lunch (on your own)
  Session 7 (room 139 - zoom link) Workshop (room 232 - zoom link)
14:00 Juha Kuokkala and Eino Koponen The diverse backgrounds and cognates of North Saami verbal derivative types in -š- Trond Trosterud Using KORP for Saami linguistics research
14:30 Torgny Hedström Typology of past tense negation in Saami (workshop)
15:00 Richard Kowalik Clausal negation in South Saami (online) (workshop)
15:30 coffee break (room 140)
  Session 8 (room 139 - zoom link) Workshop (repeated) (room 232 - zoom link)
16:00 Maria Kosheleva, Sofya Rachinskaya and Pavel Zavyalov Kildin Saami inchoative constructions and their polysemy (online) Trond Trosterud Using KORP for Saami linguistics research
16:30 Ilya Egorov Dialectal variation in Kildin Saami (online) (workshop)
17:00 Katri Hiovain-Asikainen Building open-source speech technology for low-resource minority languages with Sámi as an example – tools, methods and experiments (online) (workshop)
17:30 Closing (room 139 - zoom link)

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