Keit Mõisavald

Language advisor for non-Estonian students started working at the university

The language advisor welcomes students of all curricula of the University of Tartu whose mother tongue is other than Estonian and who need help and advice in writing academic texts in Estonian. Language counselling is provided individually or in groups. 

Contact the language advisor if you wish to 

  • get clarification on a language issue (e.g. vocabulary, grammar, syntax); 
  • be more aware of your typical and recurring language errors and get advice on how to improve your language skills; 
  • get help in understanding instructions for written assignments, tasks, etc; 
  • learn about the different stages of writing, the structure of texts and style; 
  • get feedback on a draft; 
  • better understand the types of written academic texts (e.g. essay, summary, thesis); 
  • get advice on the specificities of academic communication (e.g. writing emails); 
  • get information about online reference materials and language resources to use when writing in Estonian. 

The counselling is free of charge. 

Consultations take place both on-site in Tartu and online (in Zoom). For an individual or group meeting with the language advisor, book an appointment on Microsoft Bookings or by email to You can also request language advice by email.