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Rotalia scholarship announced for the new EFUL program

The Rotalia Foundation in the USA has announced they will support one student in the new Estonian and Finno-Ugric Languages (EFUL) Master’s program with a €2000 scholarship for the academic year. 

Every year the Rotalia foundation awards 50 scholarships at €2000 each, in addition to this new EFUL-specific scholarship. The scholarship given out for EFUL is the first one that will support the studies of an international student.

The scholarship will support one student coming to study in the new EFUL programme in the next academic year. Since the programme is taught in English, and is aimed at students with a relevant academic background interested in studying Estonian and Finno-Ugric languages and linguistics, it is a great opportunity for international students that are not yet proficient in Estonian, but would like to learn it in a supportive environment.

We are very grateful to the Rotalia Foundation for the generous support for our students and our new MA programme!

In addition to the scholarship from Rotalia Foundation, several scholarships for the EFUL students are available from the Kadri, Nikolai and Gerda Rõuk Scholarship Fund and Kindred Peoples’ Programme.

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