Apply for the scholarship named after Kadri, Nikolai and Gerda Rõuk

Until March 5, students can apply for the scholarship named after Kadri, Nikolai and Gerda Rõuk to complete their master's and bachelor's thesis.

The Institute of Estonian and General Linguistics announces a competition for a scholarship named after Kadri, Nikolai and Gerda Rõuk. The purpose of the scholarship is to give students the opportunity to focus on successfully completing their master's or bachelor's studies in the spring semester of 2024. The amount of the scholarship is 1500 euros. A total of 10 scholarships will be handed out. All master's and bachelor's students of the Institute of Estonian and General Linguistics of the University of Tartu who plan to defend their thesis in the spring of 2024 can apply for the scholarship.

To apply for the scholarship, please submit an application to by March 5, 2024, in which you state 1) the thesis topic and supervisor(s), 2) the thesis writing schedule, 3) the current stage of completion of the thesis, and 4) the reason why scholarship is needed (how it will contribute to the completion of the work).

Scholarship recipients are decided by a committee of 5 members, which is appointed by the head of the institute and which also includes a student representative. When assigning a scholarship, the degree of completion of the thesis is taken into account (for this, additional information may be requested from the supervisor), the justification provided in the application (how the scholarship contributes to the writing of the thesis) and academic success (the weighted average grade of all learning outcomes of the degree).

The scholarship is paid out either in one part or in several parts, according to the wish of the scholarship recipient. Scholarship recipients will be announced on Mother Tongue Day, March 14, 2024.

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