Estonian Conversation Course

Institute of Estonian and General Linguistics invites to participate in online Estonian Conversation Course (2 ECTS). The course is held in 2023/24 spring semester and is meant for UT students who speak Estonian as a native language and people who are interested in Estonian language and live abroad.

The conversation will be held in pairs of:

  • a student of University of Tartu who speaks Estonian as a native language or at a very good level (C1.2);
  • an Estonian language learner from abroad (for example a foreign university).

During the course, the pairs meet twice a week and converse on different topics in Estonian language. The partners change biweekly. English or any other language will not be used throughout the course. The study partners will keep a diary to document their conversations. The course will be held for 8 times from March to April. The topics are various and conversations often stimulating.

Students who speak Estonian natively or at a very good level, are welcome to register in ÕIS.

Please contact the lecturer Maarika Teral ( in case of questions.

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