Donor Day

The University of Tartu and the Blood Centre of Tartu University Hospital invite university members to the Blood Donor Day in the Delta Centre on Wednesday, 3 April, from 11:00 to 14:30. An interview with the donor takes place in room 1026 and the donation in room 1030.

Donating blood does not take much time or effort, but it allows us to make the most precious gift of all – saving someone’s life. One whole blood donation has the potential to help at least three people. Each donation matters, as blood banks are constantly running low, and the need for a transfusion often comes unexpected. 

You are a suitable donor if you 

  • are 18–65 years old, 
  • weigh over 50 kg, 
  • are healthy and well-rested and have eaten before donation. 

International students and staff members are eligible as donors if they have lived in Estonia on the basis of a residence permit or right of residence for at least the past three months. Make sure to bring your ID card/residence permit card with you. If you have not donated blood before, read on the Blood Centre’s website about who can be a donor and the conditions for donating blood (in Estonian). 

Why do I have to fill in the questionnaire before donating? 

Before donating blood, the medical professional will talk to the potential donor, as the donation must be safe for both the donor and the recipient. As it is not possible to identify all diseases from a blood test, each donor fills in a simple questionnaire about their health and lifestyle. The donor signs the form to confirm the accuracy of the information provided. All data submitted and the test results obtained are confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties. 

Come on your own or with colleagues, and let’s do good together!