Tomasz Wicherkiewicz (Poznan): Minority (language) policies and politics in Poland - a downward spiral?

On November 22, professor Tomasz Wicherkiewicz from Poznani University in Poland will give a TÜling talk on "Minority (language) policies and politics in Poland - a downward spiral?". Everyone is welcome to attend the talk at 16.00-17.15 via Zoom. Read the thesis of the talk below. This semester's TÜling schedule can be found here.


Despite its truly multicultural past and multilingual heritage, contemporary Poland belongs to the most homogeneous countries in Europe, as far as ethnolinguistic diversity is concerned.

However, that multicultural past constitutes one of the myths eagerly referred to as an excuse for the actual – and currently exercised and projected – ethnic and linguistic top-down policies of the state, intensified by the still increasing politicization of minority issues.

A brief outline of the ethnolinguistic history and heritage of Poland will be presented with a focus primarily on the sociolinguistic, legal, and political developments of the last three decades. In the presentation, the interrelations between the former factors and the ethnolinguistic vitality indices will be reviewed with the example of several case studies.

University of Tartu

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