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Dr Raymond Bertram will host a workshop on Eyetracking at University of Tartu

On November 14–16, Dr Raymond Bertram from the University of Turku will host a hands-on workshop on eye tracking in Tartu. The workshop is targeted to people who would like to conduct their own eye tracking experiment with linguistic stimuli (in particular, using the reading paradigm). Note that our department has an Eyelink 1000+ eye tracker and there is also a plan to purchase an additional Eyelink Portable Duo for a portable use.

The workshop will include e.g., an introduction, demos of linguistic eye tracking experiments, advice on your own designs as well as some hands-on experience with the eye tracking software and hardware.

To gain more from the workshop, please note that the workshop also has a small pre-workshop homework component: Please suggest our own EM experiment (experimental idea, experimental design, experimental materials). This can be done in pairs or small groups. It should be sent to by 24.10.2022.

Home reading before the sessions:

1. Hyönä and Kaakinen (2019). Eye movements during reading. Eye movements during reading. In Eye movement research (pp. 239-274). Springer.
2. Bertram & Hyönä (in press). Time course of morphological processing.
3. Olkoniemi, H., Bertram, R., & Kaakinen, J. K.. (2021). Knowledge is a river and education is like a stairway: An eye movement study on how L2 speakers process metaphors and similes. Bilingualism: Language and Cognition, 1-14.
4. EyeLink® Data Viewer User’s Manual (DV manual, freely available online)

For Session 1: Article 1 & 2; For session 2: EB manual; For session 4. Article 3; For session 5: DV manual

Find the schedule below and the registration form here. Please register by October 24 as the space is limited. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Kaidi Lõo ( and/or Raymond Bertram directly. 

Schedule (note that the locations vary between Ülikooli 18 and Lossi 3):

Monday, 14.11
1. General Introduction to Eye-Tracking and Eye-Tracking in reading (9.30-11-00) - Ülikooli 18-139
2. Setting up and running an experiment: The use of Experiment Builder and the art of calibration (14.00-15.30) - Ülikooli 18-139

Tuesday, 15.11

3. Assisted lab practise. Learn how to calibrate and run an experiment (NB: Group 1: 9.15-10.15, Group 2: 10.30-11.30) - Lossi 3-132 Phonetics lab

4. Colloquium talk: Aika on varas and dreams are like movies: Eye movement studies on processing metaphors and similes in L1 and L2 (16.00-17.15) - Ülikooli 18-139

Wednesday, 16.11
5. Data cleaning and the use of Data Viewer 9.30-10.30 - Ülikooli 18-139
6. Reading metaphors and similes in L1 and L2 and the selection of dependent measures (10.30-11.00) - Ülikooli 18-139
7. Discussion of own eye movement experiments & Implementation of own experiment in Experiment Builder (a few items). running the experiment, extracting a few dependent measures in Data Viewer (13.30-15.30) - Ülikooli 18-139
8. Course wrap-up. 15.45-16.15 - Ülikooli 18-139


Tomasz Wicherkiewicz (Poznan): Minority (language) policies and politics in Poland - a downward spiral?

On November 22, professor Tomasz Wicherkiewicz from Poznani University in Poland will give a TÜling talk on "Minority (language) policies and politics in Poland - a downward spiral?".
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Doctoral defence: Triin Todesk “Ogdžyk töd ‘I do not know that well’: džyk as a degree expression with verbs in Komi”

Doctoral defence: Triin Todesk “Ogdžyk töd ‘I do not know that well’: džyk as a degree expression with verbs in Komi”